Meeting Customer Expectations


Throughout 2015 we took a hard look at our processes and revisited where we we could improve. Taking this opportunity gave us insight into where we could make meaningful service improvements for our customers.

The outcome is a new project workspace for clients. The Project manager mode will guide user through a step-by-step process with prompts and video guides.

The set up process assist user in choosing template, color options, photo preferences, file uploads, links to social media profiles and ends with a final preview of website. Once you are complete with template and design details just verify information and submit!

The process promises easy back and forth communication. Need revisions? Easily mark off revisions and submit additional files, photos or color changes  with special instructions. With the new workspace you are up-to-date on status of  project phase and when template and design details have been received.

Getting startedStep1-GettingStarted

Design layout optionsStep2-Choose Design Layout

Optional videos offer guidance through stepsVideoGuide

Choose your colorsStep3-ChooseYourColors

Answer a few questions to help us configure your websiteStep4-WebsiteDetails

Choose your photo preferencesStep5-WebsitePhotoPreference

Upload logos, profile pictures and website content filesStep6-Upload Files& Photos

Enter Social Media URLs that you would like to feature on websiteStep7-SocialMediaInformation

Once project has been completed you have the option to approve or submit revisionsNot Ready To Approve

Always stay up-to-date by visiting workspace as client and view current status of projectStatus

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