[VIDEO] Why “Likes” on Facebook Ain’t What They Used to Be


All to often agents find themselves chasing Facebook "likes" only to find out they don't matter like they used to. In this episode, we discuss how "likes" no longer provide the same benefits they used to and why you could be wasting time, money and energy chasing "likes" for your Facebook page.

In this episode of LinkU TV, we're going to be talking about one of the most debated about topics when it comes to Facebook, which is the importance of likes of your business page. I think it's time we set the record straight on why "likes" may not matter anymore for your Facebook page and how you can be successful on Facebook with very few "likes" at all.

Today, I have Nicole from our Marketing Advisor Team. She works with agents & brokers from all over the county. The other day, Nicole and I were talking about her interactions with other clients, and some of the challenges and questions that they have when they're looking and comparing themselves to other Facebook pages and other online marketing brokerages and agents.

Clients often ask about what success is on Facebook and how to really see it. The only tangible thing they can see are likes. They don't really know how likes help them. So how important are "likes" anyway?

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