Why Facebook Ads Don’t Work for Most People Who Try Them


  Have you tried Facebook ads in the past with no success? Or maybe you’ve thought about doing Facebook ads, but are hesitant, because you don’t know what you’re doing? The truth is, when it comes to most forms of online marketing and advertise, most people fail, including on Facebook. So does this mean Facebook […]

6 Must-Do Digital Marketing Strategies for 2017


  We’re just getting the new year started and what I thought I would do is put together a video to really talk about what items and what strategies that you should be focusing on for this year. There are probably 100 different things you could working on, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging, SEO and […]

Which is Better? Google Adwords or Facebook Ads


  Facebook or Google: Which ads work for you? How do you know where you should be investing your time, money and effort? Should you be spending this year’s marketing budget on Facebook or Google advertising? Today, I’m going to help you decide which one might make the most sense for you. A New Way […]

Using Facebook Ads to Farm Your Neighborhood Area


    The New Age of Farming The market is shifting to a new age of farming using social media channels like Facebook, because of lower cost, tracking ability and increased exposure. Farming in real estate has been used forever and is used by agents to target and market to specific neighborhoods and become the […]

No Website Leads? How to Diagnose Your Website Instantly!

No Website Leads? How to Diagnose Your Website Instantly!


  When someone asks, “Why don’t I get more leads from my website?”, one of the first things we ask is “How many visitors much traffic do you get to your website?”. Amazingly, we learn that the majority either don’t have stats, or have never checked them, meaning they have no idea how many visitors […]

How to Supercharge Your Rankings for Your Brand or Company Name


  Your website should appear as the number one result when someone does a search for you, your name or your brand, or even better your brand should dominate the first page results. If your company or brand is not already showing up number one in the search results, then this video is for you.  […]

The New Age of “Farming” Using Facebook


  Sending out mailers? Going door to door? Cold calling? These are very common traditional ways that are used by a lot of agents nowadays. However, things are changing. The methods that everybody knows now are actually slowly dying. In this video we talk about how farming has and is moving online and why it […]

[VIDEO] Why “Likes” on Facebook Ain’t What They Used to Be


  All to often agents find themselves chasing Facebook “likes” only to find out they don’t matter like they used to. In this episode, we discuss how “likes” no longer provide the same benefits they used to and why you could be wasting time, money and energy chasing “likes” for your Facebook page. In this […]

[VIDEO] 6 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Ranking in Search Engines


  Are you having trouble finding your website in the search results? Maybe not even for your own brand, name or company name? Or maybe you just aren’t appearing in the position you’d like to. If this is the case for you, then it’s probably because of one of these 6 reasons, that your website […]