The #1 Reason Most Fail and Few Succeed Online

[VIDEO] The #1 Reason Most Fail and Few Succeed Online


When it comes to marketing online, there is one reason most will fail and only few will succeed. This is something I consider the most important critical concept when it comes to marketing online…and that is traffic. Without traffic, nothing in your online marketing arsenal actually works, whether it be a blog, an e-mail, a […]

[VIDEO] Do I Have to Learn Online Marketing?


I’m excited to share with you the launch of our new blog and video series for LinkU TV, starting with this episode!!!I do hope that you will continue to watch and join us so that you can learn the things that we believe will be fundamental to your business going forward.Basically, what we have done […]

Growing Business Faster


 LinkU’s new admin panel will allow business owners to develop a service focused business model. The new admin panel will provide an efficient way to access website tools thus allowing businesses to improve response time to leads and to problems. A couple improvements include a responsive layout that will allow user to login from any […]

Marketing Gets Better When It’s Meticulous


 Marketing’s main function is to reach, educate and influence your customers into wanting to buy your product/service. Learn how to reach your prospects and leads with step-by-step instruction video courses and weekly live instruction from industry experts in our New LinkU Market Accelerator Academy. Who is this course for? People who may be “Solopreneurs” just […]

Supporting What We Sell


 We identified parts of our social media services that are highly important to our customers and expanded on them. Flashback to January 2015, we introduced our social media services to improve our customer’s brand awareness and generate leads. As you may already know posting alone is not enough. Fast forward to January 2016 Social Edge […]

Meeting Customer Expectations


 Throughout 2015 we took a hard look at our processes and revisited where we we could improve. Taking this opportunity gave us insight into where we could make meaningful service improvements for our customers. The outcome is a new project workspace for clients. The Project manager mode will guide user through a step-by-step process with […]