[Follow Up Genius] How this agent went from 55 to 123 transactions in less than a year using this freaky fast strategy!


Do you like money…?

Well then stop throwing it away!

I see it all the time, a huge majority of agents pay for leads on big lead sources like Zillow, Facebook, and Trulia that can cost thousands of dollars.

The worst part is that almost 80% those of agents aren’t closing enough (if any) transactions from it!

Converting these leads is easier than you think, but one of the problems most agents have is that they don’t know how to separate buyers from people who are just browsing around.

We sat down spoke with one agent Javier who would make this same mistake. He would spend around $60,000 for Zillow leads but made one HUGE mistake, he didn’t convert any of those leads!

Realizing he wasn’t getting the results he wanted, he changed just one small component in his strategy and went from 55 to 123 transactions in less than a year!

Now that’s a return on your investment!

In this episode Javier reveals the secret to getting these amazing results and how it changed his business forever.

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